medical marijuana helps me get the most out of my life

My little boy often asks me why I don’t get around and do fun stuff quite as well as other parents do.

She’s just 5 however he can tell that I’m a bit weird with regard to mobility than the other parents he sees. I’m genuinely candid with him about his mom having MS. Of course, he can’t entirely understand what that entails. But he knows it’s out there. Thankfully, I have great support from my husband, our daughter, my medical professionals, our MS support group as well as medical cannabis. The combination of all these different support types entirely makes managing life with MS a bit better and easier. The MS support group is where I found out about the benefits of medical marijuana as it pertains to MS symptoms. Prior to that, I wouldn’t have even tried to learn how to get a medical marijuana card. Man, am I ever thankful that my better half found as well as advocated our MS group early on after our diagnosis. I l acquired in that group that MS can just be a designation as well as it doesn’t have to be the major thing about me. There are treatments out there that can help people who have MS find a normal that works for their lives. I assume that cannabis flower products are an immense space of our treatment. Medical cannabis helps me walk and have better movement so I get the most out of my physical therapy. And I can also count on medical cannabis to relieve or stop much of the muscle spasms I have to contend with. It’s been almost 2 years since our MS diagnosis as well as I’m living life. I’m doing what I have to do. I’m just so thankful to have access to medical cannabis products because they help me get the most out of my life.



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