Medical marijuana dispensary provides relief

Things occur in life which can leave you just completely baffled.

One day your nice plus the next life is barely recognizable. This was for sure the case for me when it comes to surviving a near death event. I nearly died as a result of a shooting. With the help of medical marijuana, I’m beginning to put the pieces of my life back together. Honestly, it was such a case of just being in the wrong locale on the wrong day. But regardless, I was shot along with others by a crazy person. The PTSD I’m now dealing with is a greater injury than my wound. Fortunately for me, I was shot in the leg plus there wasn’t a terrible amount of disfigure. But it’s the trauma of the event that I’m still having trouble with. Again, I’m fortunate to have found support. Part of that is enjoying medical cannabis plus therapy to labor my way through this nightmare. The cannabis flower products I use help me sleep plus calm me. My anxiety is far less intense because of the medicine I get at the legal weed shop. And using medical cannabis in therapy offers me the freedom to talk about the essence of my feelings. And doing this certainly helps me to have a picture of what I’ve been through plus what this event means to me now. There will be a life on the other side of this tragedy. It will take time, effort plus patience. It will also take a lot of work in therapy plus the support I get from medical cannabis products.

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