I was anxious for the grand opening.

I owned a small hardware store in our town.

There was a mostly vacant storefront across the street from where I had my store. Over the past five years, I had seen several different stores come and go. Recently I had noticed there was a sign on the storefront. When I got closer, I noticed it was a ‘coming soon’ notice.. It had the name of the store on the sign, which I had to read several times. I wasn’t sure I was reading what I thought I saw. I wrote down the name of the store and I looked it up online when I got home. The store was part of a franchise that was around the state. It was a cannabis cafe. I knew we had cannabis dispensaries in our area, but I had never heard of a cannabis cafe. I read all the information they had on this franchise. The cannabis cafe specialized in breakfast and lunch. They had a great sounding menu, and I was surprised to find out that all their food was infused with cannabis. Although I wouldn’t eat the food when I was at work, I knew I would purchase something and take it home. I was anxious for the cannabis cafe to open so I could try their cuisine. They only had hours from 5AM to 4PM, since all they sold was breakfast and lunch. I guess the thought was that if they got their daily supply of marijuana in the food they ate, they wouldn’t need to come back to the cafe after lunch.

Recreational marijuana