I wanted to make a cannabis kiosk

When I was a little kid I was mostly raised by my Grandma! She lived in a retirement community down south, which meant that almost all of the adults I interacted with were senior citizens, and I know a lot of people that get weirded out by seasoned folks, retirement homes, and hospitals, but for me it was all a normal section of growing up…

However, my Grandma passed some time ago, but there are a few eldlery folks from the community I am still slender with.

I truly used some of them for investors when I wanted to start this cannabis dispensary, as a way of giving back to the retirees! Listen, this may surprise you but lots of senior citizens love using cannabis, for medicinal or recreational reasons, but the cliche of seasoned folks being stodgy and against marijuana are long gone, people, because now a lot of retirees are former hippies who have been smoking pot for 50 years! One day there will be a cannabis dispensary in every single retirement community, and I am on the splitting edge! With the backing of my investors, my small cannabis dispensary opened numerous months ago, and already I am scouting locations for an additional shop. The idea was to have more of a cannabis kiosk instead of a large store, both to save on overhead and to keep the seasoned timers from having to walk too much. It turns out my supplier model is unquestionably cost effective, and the two of us can open up an up-to-date cannabis kiosk for about a single quarter of what it takes to open a full dispensary.

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