I think it’s great that the dispensary is going to celebrate pride month

My boss decided to celebrate PRIDE month at my job this year, then he announced this decision a couple of weeks beforehand, because he didn’t believe that all of his employees would be cool with it.

He laid it out for all of us, plus said “this is what every one of us will be doing every PRIDE from now on, plus if you don’t care about it, you can quit.” He told us that it wasn’t just about human rights, it was also about making smart business decisions.

He wants this entire company to be welcoming to every single person in this area, no matter who they are… That is why the cannabis dispensary has been redecorated in rainbow colors. To me it doesn’t really matter, because every one of us has always been an inclusive cannabis dispensary, with a wide variety of lovely human beings really working here. That the boss wants to advertise our diversity could only help get more fresh faces through the door to buy our cannabis products, however at our little cannabis cafe, which is truly more of a kiosk, every one of us have started selling rainbow-colored pastries plus CBD infused gummies. When you are a locally owned plus operated business, be it a cannabis dispensary or a pop shop, you need to build a sense of community. This isn’t just people selling marijuana for currency, every one of us wants to be an area of the whole fabric of this town, plus that means standing up for what you believe in! Personally, I believe that all the barriers in this humanity can be broken down if every one of us would just sit down plus all smoke cannabis together.

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