I love 420 specials.

I was thrilled when I got a text that advertised all the 420 specials they were having at our local cannabis dispensary.

It seemed like they were having sales on everything in the dispensary.

The marinjuana edibles were 20% off. The marijuana flower was being advertised at 25% off. The vape pen cartridges that I used were also on sale. I liked that they were BOGO. My friends and I arrived at the cannabis dispensary early afternoon on 420. We were hoping we hadn’t missed any of the sales they advertised. We made sure to get to the dispensary that was closest to our homes. Not only did they have the best sales, but they also stacked their sales. I bought marijuana flower that ended up being 30% off. I ended up buying some kush that had a yellow color with black. I thought it was the prettiest flower I had seen in quite some time. I normally would have scoffed at the price of $65 for a ⅛ of marijiuana, but with the 30% off, I bought it. I wish now that I had bought several of the higher quality marijuana strains, since I was getting 30% off. When I arrived home with my marijuana supplies I couldn’t wait to try the new kush. I had a small bowl, which gave me a really nice high. I couldn’t afford the kush at $65 for 3.5 grams, even though it was worth the price, but I’m glad I tried it. Next time our cannabis dispensary has such a great deal, I know exactly what I am going to buy.



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