I had no idea what a dab cap was for.

It wasn’t until I moved to a state that had legal medical and recreational marijuana, that I had the opportunity to experience 420.

  • April 20th is a day set aside as an unofficial holiday for stoners and pot smokers.

Not only do they have amazing deals at all the marijuana dispensaries, but for every purchase, you got a goodie bag. This year, we visited five different marijuana dispensaries where we made a purchase and got our free gift bag. My partner and I saved every cent we could for two months, so we could enjoy the 420 celebration. The first marijuana dispensary we went to gave us a really cool tote bag that was filled with a lanyard, stickers, sample packs of edibles, a glass bowl, and ⅛ of weed. At another store, one of the items in my goodie bag was a dab cap. I had no idea what a dab cap was, but everyone who was there that day had one. I went home and looked up what a dab cap was for. I found out that it was a small piece of silicone that fits on the end of a vape pen. Even if you don’t have a cartridge in your vape pen, as long as you have a dab cap you can use your vape pen with a bong. All you need to do is dip the pen into the bong and inhale. I have cartridges for my vape pen. I found out that using the dab cap with the cartridge and the bong gives you a high that is beyond words. Of all the stuff I got in the goodie bags, I think my dab cap was my favorite item.


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