I couldn’t get the sticky mess off my car seat.

There are times when I do stupid things that even I need to roll my eyes and tell myself how stupid it was. Over the last year, I learned that you needed to look before backing up, especially when there is a police car behind you. I lost my license and my insurance over that one. I found out that you shouldn’t tell your best friend that their spouse is cheating, if you want to keep that best friend as a friend. I found out why you shouldn’t juggle a dozen eggs on top of a pile of other items that should have been in a cart. This week was a very expensive lesson. I got home from work, and I pulled my groceries out of the car, along with my take-out dinner. I carried everything into the house. I ate my supper and then I enjoyed a bowl of marijuana. I wanted to relax after a long day of work, and the marijuana had definitely done that for me. I got up the next morning, and I went in search of my vape pen. I knew I had it with me, but it wasn’t in my purse or on the table. I was running late, so I decided to go to work without it. I got into the car, and I could already smell the odor coming out of the hot car. I had left my vape pen on the seat of the car. The heat that built up in the car was enough to cause the cartridge to leak. I had a sticky mess all over my leather seats, that even paper towels wouldn’t remove. I had to take my car to be detailed before I went home.


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