Getting my monthly supplement at the cannabis dispensary

I don’t use a lot of marijuana. Mostly, I tend to smoke cannabis on the weekend or occasionally when I’ve had a brutal day at work. So I usually get by on only making a couple of trips per month to the local cannabis spot. But there is one trip per month that has to happen and is on my calendar each month. That would be the trip to the cannabis dispensary right before my period starts. I happen to be one of those unlucky women who gets just totally thrashed by their monthly period. And mean mine just about puts me down. The cramps, bloating and just overwhelming fatigue are the worst. But thankfully, I have the local cannabis store that I can get to no matter what prior to the start of my period. I found out back in college just how essential marijuana is for me when I’m on my monthly. Whether it’s marijuana edibles or my favorite hybrid strain, cannabis simply gets me through it. The cramping and the bloating are so significantly reduced. I rest better and my mood is much more hopeful and positive when I get to the cannabis dispensary prior to the start of my period. I’m pretty sure that if recreational marijuana wasn’t legal in this state, I could get medical marijuana. It’s just that intense every single month. And I’m still young and may want to start a family so there will be targeted, scheduled trips to the local cannabis spot for the very long term.
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