Gearing up to make money on grow rooms

I am a serious connoisseur of cannabis.

Cannabis cultivation has been a passion of mine for much of my adult life.

I love the intricacies of marijuana growing. Watching generations of my hybrids turn out so wonderfully has been a big source of pride. However, I don’t think I’m going to quite my day job and start a warehouse grow room. I don’t really have that sort of investment capital nor do I know anyone who does. While I may still do my little grow room just for me and my friends and family, I would like to get into the marijuana growing industry. I’m a design consultant by trade. My background is in both architecture and engineering. I’ve been working for myself as a consultant for almost a couple of decades now. What I want to do is take my grow room design and turn it into growing facility design. This is where I think I can really crack the marijuana growing market. The demand is going to force a mariuana growing scale up of big proportions. I think my growing facility designs will be perfectly leveraged to take advantage of increasing demand. There will be entities that want turn-key facilities as well as warehouse grow room design. I’d like to position my company to provide that sort of service. Commercial grow ops are going to be in demand. So the faster one can get to pot farming on a warehouse grow room level, the more profits are to be made. And I think my growing facility design will do just that.


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