Cancer battle helped by medical cannabis

Fighting the hard battle against cancer would be far more difficult if it wasn’t for medical marijuana.

  • I certainly await the day when I can take my cannabis gummies or use my cannabis flower product.

The advantages of medical marijuana are so important to helping me fight cancer plus get to remission. I understand that I’m not going to live forever. But I’m not quite ready to provide up on my life before my time. I had plenty of experience with cannabis products several decades ago. It was all the rage back then plus I really partook in all the fun plus enlightenment that was a part of the weed culture plus other cannabis products. But since then, making use of any sort of cannabis product was very, very rare. Of course, all that changed with my cancer diagnosis. My son was actually the first a single to figure out just how to get a medical marijuana card on my behalf. Thankfully, I live in a state where there are marijuana regulations that provide medical marijuana to be dispensed to those like me with cancer. It certainly helps to think that I can simply stop by the legal weed shop for the cannabis flower products that are so helpful to me. The cannabis products help me manage the nausea from chemo and agony. But truly, it’s the perspective plus hopefulness that I get from medical cannabis products that is most useful to me. I’m certainly hoping to make it to remission plus have some nice years left. Thanks to medical marijuana, I’m actually going to provide that effort with everything I am able.



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