Bad Back is my Fault

The human body is such an incredible thing plus yet I’ve been going about my life as though there was not a single thing that could stop my body.

I’ve had a few injuries along the way but easy recovery from those just spurred on this feeling of being bulletproof.

I’m here to admit, I am a human plus with the advantages of medical marijuana, I hope to put my body back together again. Being a bit of an adrenaline nut finally caught up with me. And I should have known to be more careful. I’m in my mid forties plus have been doing serious hiking for over 2 decades. Still, I underwent such an unnecessary risk plus it resulted in a terrible fall. Now, I’m trying to glue the pieces back together with the help of medical cannabis products. Many of my injuries have recovered. But it’s my back that is still far from recovered. It’s been over a year now since my fall. I was depending on pain pills when I chose to go to a more natural system of pain relief by getting medical marijuana. And I’m very cheerful. At first, I didn’t want to deal with the marijuana regulations simply to be able to use a cannabis dispensary. But I got through the cannabis regulations so I can obtain the benefits of medical marijuana for my back. The cannabis products I have tried certainly help me get the most out of my back exercises. And the medical cannabis lessens the spasms that can occur due to my rehab or randomly. That’s also a welcome relief. Mostly, it’s so much better to deal with all of this with a natural medicine like medical marijuana.

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