A marijuana field in the woods

The first few weeks I lived here, I loved it, then I started getting bored. All the isolation and quiet of rural living is great, and I don’t want to go back to city life, but it can get a bit tedious at times. Being a writer, I do need some degree of balance between my solitude and my life experiences. If I stay cooped up inside, by myself, all day every day, then sooner or later I will not be able to write about anything other than being a hermit! Well, on one of my daily walks I encountered a heavy cloud of marijuaja smoke near the edge of my property. I followed it to the source, and found a couple of local teenagers smoking some cannabis out of a corncob pipe. Acting on instinct, the kids hid the pipe, but the thing about marijuana is that it smells so strong you can’t ever really hide it, can you? Before they could panic, I assured them they weren’t in trouble, and in fact I would ask them where I could buy some marijuana for myself. Just like the teens, I was bored, and just like the teens I wanted to indulge in some “green escapism” by getting my hands on some cannabis. We took a little walk in the woods, and they showed me a small patch of marijuana plants that had been growing. They offered to give me some, but I decided to give them a little cash anyway, so they could re-invest it into their marijuana crops.