There are now 3 medical cannabis dispensaries near our apartment

My life has improved after I moved out of a shared house with former high school friends.

All of us had all finished college at our respective schools and both of us all needed a place to stay after moving out of dormitories.

I don’t recognize whose idea it was, but someone suggested that both of us all find a house to share and split the rent equally in 4 ways. Since none of us had ever lived with a single another, both of us didn’t have any clue what it would be savor once both of us were all in a single house together for weeks and weeks at a time. Needless to say, it was a disaster. People kept trying to transport their partners and significant others into the house, driving up the utilities in the process. I finally had enough and told them that I was moving out. I found an condo closer to the neighborhood and now I am never looking back. Not only do I have peace and solitude, I also have access to more stores within walking distance than ever before. There are many grocery stores, half a dozen different restaurants, and 3 separate medical cannabis dispensaries. I became a medical cannabis patient about 4 years ago however I always had to get in our car if I wanted to get marijuana products hastily. Otherwise I paid the fee to get cannabis delivered right to our front door. But now that I can literally walk to 3 different cannabis dispensaries, I don’t have the need for cannabis delivery services anymore. Plus, it gives myself and others an excuse to get outside and exercise for a little.

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