I finally decided to buy cannabis gummies yesterday at the dispensary

I’m terrible about eating too much candy when given the chance.

It started when I was a kid and my friends and I would ride our bikes to the convenience store to buy whatever cheap candy we could afford with the money we got from our parents.

I loved getting chocolate, but the heat would always melt it in my pocket. That’s why we’d often purchase gummy candies of every shape, size, and flavor. I love getting Sour Patch Kids and Sour Punch Straws because of the sheer quantity that I ate when I was a kid. I was so bad that I would use sour punch straws in a bottle of cold soda. The sheer quantity of sugar that I consumed when I was young gives me pause at this age. With that said, I’m still weak when it comes to controlling myself around candy. Although I usually buy cannabis flower products or concentrates when I visit the medical marijuana store, I decided to try cannabis gummies for the first time yesterday. They have them in varying doses ranging from 10mg of THC to 80mg of THC. I consider myself a heavy weight with cannabis, so I bought a bag of 80mg candies. I wish I had asked the budtender first if this was a good idea, because one of those candies put me into the stratosphere. I was absolutely blasted for 12 hours on just one candy. If I’m going to use these gummies on a regular basis, they need to be cut and portioned out. I realize now that 80mg of THC is just too much to handle all at once for me personally.

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