Better to smoke over drink

I don’t understand why people get together and drink rather than smoke cannabis.

The idea is when you are young, a group of people hang out together and lower their inhibitions.

The typical way to do this is to drink copious amounts of alcohol. Why booze over weed though? When I drink I am not a fun person. I tend to lose motor skills, fall down and I get pretty aggressive. I need to pee a bunch of times and the next morning is horrible. If I am not vomiting, I am wrecked the next day with a headache. When I smoke marijuana, I am fun, contemplative and sometimes very relaxed. I also don’t have any problems with needing to pee, eat or drink anything. I am just good to go. The next day, I feel totally fine and can go on with my day. Smoking marijuana is just much easier. With booze you either need to go to a bar or carry heavy bottles of it to someone’s house. With cannabis, carrying the oil or flower is very lightweight and easy. There is also the added benefit of having it delivered right to your house. The local cannabis dispensaries offer weed delivery or pot pick-up, making the whole process easier. There is no need to get dressed and go out in public. A group of friends can get exactly what they want for a good price and just be at home. It makes way more sense to me for everyone to smoke. It is a much safer, cheaper and nicer overall experience.

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