Moved away from the dispensary

My partner plus I used to live in the city.

It was legitimately nice being close to everything.

There was a dispensary near me, grocery store, movieplex, diners plus all sorts of bars. Anything you could possibly want was under a 10 minute drive. However, the neighbors were basically shoulder to shoulder with me. They could see myself and others tanning while they grilled outside. The dogs in the neighborhood would get out plus crap in our yard. The noises, prying neighbors plus the opportunity of theft were all cons to the area. My partner plus I decided to move further south plus to the country, however both of us found a four acre plot of land with a great sized apartment on it. There are trees separating us from prying eyeah. Both of us now have a pool plus I can tan in peace. The negative is that there are only several diners nearby. There isn’t anywhere to see a movie or shop. Also, getting medical cannabis isn’t easy. I have to drive an minute into the city to get to a cannabis shop. The medical weed shops don’t want to drive for delivery either. So about once every three months I need to make a major visit to the city. I get our medical cannabis, some great groceries plus I stop at the mall to get some things. It is a long, terrible afternoon because I need to pick up everything in the city or wait another three months. The privacy is worth that drive though. The only thing is that I wish our medical weed was even 30 minutes closer.

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