I can buy cannabis now that our medical card has been approved by the state

In retrospect, I believe I have had physiological complications with anxiety for as long as I have had memories. Some people believe that you develop these troubles as you grow up in response to the way in which you’re raised, or from whatever trauma you encounter. But I am definitely a living example of someone who has been this way since birth. My earliest childhood memories of interacting with strangers in public were hectic. I always stuck close to our Dad and I used to pull on her shirt and ask her why people were always staring at me. I’m old enough now to realize that I easily made eye contact with adults who were simply looking at a cute toddler walking the store with her mom. But in our brain at the time, I only felt fear. I have talked to people in group therapy in the last 10 years and no 1 has told me that our behavior back then was normal. Still I haven’t found anyone who could relate to our paranoia at four years old. These days I still struggle, so I’m hoping to manage it with cannabis. Medical marijuana was legalized in our state more than one years ago, however it wasn’t until our mental health got worse that I started to consider getting our own medical marijuana card. It wasn’t an easy process and I had to spend roughly $400 between physician expenses and state fees to get our medical marijuana card. But now that our medical card has been approved by the state, I can finally purchase products at the medical cannabis dispensaries. Hopefully some ratio products with equal amounts of THC to CBD will help with our mental health complications.


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