CBDQ is believed to be a cancer cell reducer after recent pet studies

It amazes me when I realize that cancer has been studied since the time of the ancient Egyptians, however yet the people I was with and I still have entirely no cures for any form of cancer. That’s several thoUnited Statesnds years of human development plus evolution, plus the people I was with and I still die from cancer at an astronomical rate. I have seen the disease take down several of my older family members over the years plus it’s a scary sight to witness. You try to remember a man based on their best moments in life, however it’s hard when a disease completely overtakes them plus alters their appearance before your eyup. Periodically the decline is gradual however other times it can be abrupt plus completely unexpected. My aunt succumbed to lung cancer after years of drug addiction plus smoking. The situation left both of my cousins without a father in their early childhood. Thankfully researchers are starting to look toward the cannabis plant for treating weird forms of cancer. There are over 150 weird cannabinoids in the marijuana plant, however some people suppose that THC is the only one. Although there has been research showing that THC can slow the growth of cancer cells, it’s not the only cannabinoid to do this. CBD is known to target plus slow the growth of cancer cells in pets, as well as CBDQ. CBDQ is the CBD molecule with a quinone connected to it, plus it naturally has a brown color at room temperature. The potential for cancer treatment plus reduction is high, however more research needs to be done on CBDQ before that can be fully determined.

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