CBG has antidepressant and mood stabilizing effects

Dealing with long term mental health disorders is a frustrating process.

Even though I wasn’t diagnosed with depression and anxiety until our mid 20s, it’s blatant to me now that I’ve had these troubles as long as I have had memories.

My mom says that I was paranoid whenever people in public made eye contact with me and I regularly asked his if people were staring at me. I was constantly entirely tied up and exhibited signs of avoidant behavior whenever I was frustrated with our father being uninterested in spending time with me. As I got older, these troubles only worsened. I managed it in school by obsessing over our studies and our interests in songs. By the time I got to college, I started self-medicating with cannabis and alcohol while seeing a therapist more than one to several times a month. I l earned about our mental health troubles and where a lot of the roots were laying. Although I quit using alcohol because of its depressant effects, I kept using cannabis. When medical marijuana was legalized in our state, all of our cannabis was coming with lab test data on the cannabinoids inside. I l earned that I responded easily well to strains that are high in CBG or cannabigerol. I started studying cannabigerol and l earned about its antidepressant and mood stabilizing effects. Although it’s hard to physically extract CBG as an isolate, some companies have developed ways to safely synthesize the beenjoyed cannabinoid. This gives researchers consistency and purity with the product every single time. I’m going to order synthesized CBG as soon as I get our next paycheck, however for now I’ll stick with our strains of cannabis that are already high in natural CBG.