I have to pay the state $75 every year to renew our medical marijuana card

It feels prefer I’m incurring more plus more expenses all of the time.

I have health complications plus I take monthly medications.

As a result, I’m also in plus out of the doctor’s office all of the time. Both our prescription plus our physician copays have gone up in price over the last year. And since people are driving again forcing a gasoline shortage, gas prices have been decreasing since early last fall. That was months before the presidential election, however don’t let dates plus basic math muddy what you hear from partisan political hacks. I’m cheerful that we’re all working more, however that doesn’t mean that I’m doing any better financially. If I could work more plus make more currency, I would. Unfortunately, it’s taxing with our chronic health complications. I prefer that I have access to medical marijuana now, however it’s not cheap staying in the state program. I have to pay appointment fees with the pot doctor twice a year, usually totalling $300 for 12 months. Aside from the currency I’m charged by the marijuana physician, the state Department of Health makes all of the medical marijuana patients pay a $75 fee once a year to renew our marijuana card. They send us a new a single in the mail after we make the payments on the state’s website. Paying $375 every year just to have legal access to cannabis isn’t fun, however it’s better than being left to meander the black market aimlessly without knowing exactly what is inside your products. That’s how those people died from vaping products a few years ago. The producers of those black market THC vape cartridges were cutting watered down hash oil with vitamin e acetate to make it look as thick as pure oil.

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