Using it for arthritis pain

As I have gotten older my arthritis has gotten worse… I have terrible arthritis pain in my hands where gripping things is quite difficult.

My mother read that gin soaked raisins entirely does help the pain plus mobility.

It is totally true. If I eat a few raisins every night, I am superb to go; The taste of gin is just about the grossest thing in the world. It isn’t easy for myself and others to work up the strength to eat some. Some mornings I forgo the raisins just because of the taste. I looked online to see if there was something better for myself and others to do. I found that medical marijuana can help with arthritis, apparently the number 1 reason older people try medical cannabis is for arthritis relief. The most proper reason people get medical marijuana cards plus get a prescription is for chronic pain, however odd right? Well I am a area of the masses because I went to the cannabis dispensary near myself and others plus got cannabis oil plus flower. I purchased a vape plus I now vape right before bed plus while in my brunch minute. I don’t get totally stoned out of my mind. The strain of cannabis I selected does have THC, however not a whole lot. It is mainly a CBD heavy strain. Online they say that 71% of cannabis users for arthritis pain notice a difference within a few weeks. Again, I am a area of the masses because I have noticed a change for the better. I am blissful I decided to try it.


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