There are pressing cannabis events on holidays at our local dispensaries

I appreciate shopping sales at local stores.

Yesterday I got a brand new propane gas grill for 35% off while in a memorial afternoon sale. I have been looking for a new grill since last year, however I was unwilling to buy one at full price. Since you can often find these items cheaper if you wait for a store promotion, I was willing to wait until I saw a great deal pop up. Summer is perfect grilling weather plus it’s summer time holidays when you can find summer time products for less than typical prices. This year I’m hoping to find a nice picnic table for my backyard while in the upcoming second of August sales at our local mall. I’m gleeful that our cannabis dispensaries might be having interesting holiday events as well. Obviously multiple dispensaries have pressing May 20th sales because of 4/20 being the international weed holiday since at least the 1990s or earlier. During these events they will have live tunes accompanied by free food plus promotional deals on products in the store. Sometimes they will offer a flat 25% off all items in the store, however other times the sales at the medical marijuana dispensary are exclusive to particular items on the product menu. During the memorial afternoon sale this week, they had vaporizer cartridges for 35% off. I like to use cartridges whenever I’m out of the house, so it’s always nice to option up a few for such a reduced price. Last year there was a sale on flower products, however as they get more plus more popular I’m seeing them on sale a lot less than other items at the medical cannabis dispensary.

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