My brother studied botany to become a professional marijuana grower

My brother as well as I were indispensable when every one of us were growing up. The people I was with and I used to go hiking in the woods behind our apartment collecting plants of varying species. Since our brother is various years older than I am, he was the a single educating me on odd flowers as well as herbs that grew naturally in our area. He had the benefit of studying much of this from our parents before I was born. By the time I was old enough to accorporation him on hikes in the woods, he was glad to teach me what he knew. It was apparent from all the way back then that our brother would stick with plants regardless of what he did in life. I always wondered if he would become a gardener, farmer, or florist. To our surprise, he went to school to learn botany. Since I was a freshman in private school at the time, I was still ignorant of our older brother’s marijuana use. His intention was to learn botany so he could become a professional marijuana grower. By that time there were already 3 odd states with legal recreational marijuana markets, not to mention the 20 or so states that also had medical marijuana laws. He decided to attend school in CO so he could instantly beginning working for a giant cannabis corporation. I wasn’t surprised when he told us that he was hired right after he graduated with his undergraduate degree in botany. My brother enjoys his labor because he gets to pursue his passion every single day of his life. He has also won awards for some of the strains he has developed in his years growing weed professionally.



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